DLI Floor Plan Process

Please find the floor plan step-by-step drafting and design process below:


Schedule Floor Plan Service Request

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Discovery call - conference call/remote assistance/Zoom as needed.


Site Measure Visit

Our team comes onsite to complete field measurements of the entire home for your floor plan/blue print.


Architectural Floor Plan

Draft/design preliminary floor plans, based on the field measurements and the information provided by client/provider.


Plan review

Once the floor plans are finalized, they are delivered electronically to the client to submit with MDH Application.


Submit to DLI or local jurisdiction

Generate final permit drawings for the final review and transfer of plans to DLI or local jurisdiction


City Inspection

Once the floor plans have been reviewed and approved by DLI or the location jurisdiction, provider schedules  inspection with DLI or local jurisdiction (City).


Certificate of Occupancy

Certificate of Occupancy (CO) issued by DLI or local jurisdiction.


Send to MDH

Provider submits the Certificate of Occupancy to Minnesota Department of Health for licensing review and approval.


Assisted Living license

MDH issues Assisted Living license

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