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Professional Measure Appointment Service

How do I get started with a Floor Plan order?

 Please review all these commonly asked questions and answers

The Service Details - Floor Plan form is found here

How much does it cost? Please click here to calculate the cost of your floor plan

Once we take on your project, we will ensure we do our very best to get your project to completion.

How soon should I wait to hear back after I have filled out the Service Details - Floor Plan form?

Hang tight! We want you to take the lead! Please confirm the appointment from the proposed availability when you complete the Service Details - Floor Form

 Again, your patience is kindly requested.

What is a professional measure appointment?

A professional floor measure appointment is an onsite meeting where your project manager uses state of the art mobile device to quickly and accurately map your  floor plan. The measure takes about  1 - 2 hours depending on the size of the home.

Is there a fee for professional measure appointment?

I need a rush order of my floor plan?

A rush order is defined as an order requested to completed before our typical timeline of two business days after the measure visit. 

When a provider requests a rush order, each housing floor plan is charged a rush order fee. Specifically, rush order fee is not bundled for orders with more than one house. Each house is an independent order.

Please note: Our staff prioritizes projects based on submission date, time, measure appointments in cue, zone assignments. Our preferred method of communication is via text or email. Again, please hang tight, we will get back to you as soon as we can! We are committed to do our best, every day! 

Rush Order Anxiety? When can I expect my rush order to be completed?

Your order is completed within 1 - 2 business days after the professional measure appointment

How do I cancel my order?

Please complete the cancellation order form here to cancel your order

While we make every attempt to change your order, additional charges may apply if the work on the service order request has begun or if the scope changes significantly. Therefore, please update us as soon as you can.

The measure appointment has been completed, what next?

We understand urgency and anxiety that come with submitting your application for licensure. Please be patient with us.  Our awesome team typically gets your project completed within 1 - 2 business days. Your patience is kindly requested.

What is the payment process?

The invoice is paid online when booking your floor plan appointment. Payments accepted -  credit/debit cards. 

I am at a time crunch, I have reviewed as much as I need, just tell me how to get started with the floor plan

Please complete the form here

I am concerned about HIPAA

Our team adheres to the strict HIPAA statutory guidance therefore when you place an order with us. Please review, complete and sign the HIPAA consent form here

What are the building requirements for new Assisted Living License?

Physical Environment

Please review Minn. Stat. sect. 144G.45

All new license applications will require a plan review and on-site inspection of the applicant’s proposed building. Attach all signed architectural and engineering plans and specifications along with the completed application pursuant to Minn. Rules. 1800.4200.

New construction means a new building, renovation, modification, reconstruction, physical changes altering the use of occupancy, or addition to a building.

All new license applications with five or fewer residents must meet Minn. Stat. sect. 144G.45, subd. 1-3, 6, and Laws 2020, 7th Spec. Sess., chpt. 1, art. 6, sect. 17 ; and as applicable sections 144G.80, 144G.81, and Laws 2020, 7th Spec. Sess., chpt. 1, art. 6, sect. 22.

All new license applications with six or more residents must meet Minn. Stat. sect. 144G, subd. 1-6, and Laws 2020, 7th Spec. Sess., chpt. 1, art. 6, sect. 18 to 19 ; and as applicable sections 144G.80, 144G.81, and Laws 2020, 7th Spec. Sess., chpt. 1, art. 6, sect. 22 

What additional services do you offer?

Please send us a request here

If I have additional questions, where can I find answers?

Just a heads up, we are teleworking! Please call, text or email us via our contact us page here

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