Our Website Design Process

We are experts in project management, regulatory standards and information technologies therefore apply our expertise to create the perfect solution for our clients. 


Initial Consultation

An opportunity for us to discover more about your business and your website requirements to ensure you will receive the best web design service that is fitted specifically to you right from the start.

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Domain registration

A domain name becomes your address on the Internet


Our team will assist you find the best domain name available as well as registration.


Web Hosting

Our team will work with you to setup your hosting. Hosting fees varies based on the features of your project.


Custom Design Website

Properly designing your website is critical. Ensuring information is neatly displayed, easily read and makes sense within the page is crucial to finding new customers. Using a combination of existing marketing materials and your own ideas, we can make your dream website become a reality.


Favorites Icon

We design a Favorites Icon to make your website stand out when someone bookmarks your site.


Design Pages

The page layouts are very important for your website. Having information display logically and ensuring that the design is attractive to the eye is our first priority.  We will also arrange images, contact forms, headings and more to ensure your message is clear and describes what you and your company do accurately.


Homepage Creation

We create a well displayed homepage so that every person that views your site knows who you are and what you do.


Contact Form

A basic contact form is a useful tool that allows website visitors to submit their Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address and Comments or Questions to open a channel of communication.


Main Pages

Content Writing

Responsive & mobile-friendly web design

Search engine optimized web pages

Upto 5 online forms configuration

Lifetime Warranty


Hosting & Maintenance Service

We handle regular updates like uploading of new content (text, photos, and videos), minor design changes, technical support, and hosting.

This is ideal if you want us to take care of everything technical in your website so that you can focus on the business side of it.

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Few Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

We seamlessly merge three key components – project management, regulatory standards and information technologies –  to create the perfect solution for our clients.